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Masahiro Yabuta

Born in 1952 in Kobe, Japan

After working as a reporter and director at Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, he started his freelance career in 2018 as a photographer and filmmaker.
He was exposed to photography from his young age, and created high-contrast and grainy black and white photographs by himself in the university years, but he realized the limitations.

In 2018, he took courses in photography research and classic printing at Shashin Hyogen Daigaku (School of Photographic Expression) in Ibaraki, Osaka, where he learned various expression methods.

Through the experience of producing many documentaries and news programs, he will continuously present his works by accumulating objective facts (records) and describe “images that can both record and express”.

Born in 1952 in Kobe, Japan
1975 Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University.
Joined Photography Club and continued to work mainly on black-and-white photographs with strong contrast and rough grain.
However, gave up the career as a photographer when he felt the limitations of his work at the time.

1975-2013 Worked at Yomiuri Television, Osaka
Mainly in charge of news reporting and compliance-related departments. Produced many TV programs including documentaries as a reporter, director and producer.

2013-2018 Served as Supervisory Investigator at BPO [Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization].

2018-2019 Joined Photography Expression University, Ibaraki, Osaka
Completed Photography Research Course and Classical Print Course.

2020- Studying classical photography techniques under Kumiko Wakabayashi.

November 2020 – Awarded “Tokai Commercial Broadcasting Club President’s Prize” at 3rd Photo Contest of National Association of Photography of Commercial Broadcasting Club of Japan.

September 2021 Held a solo exhibition (official exhibition of Kyoto International Photography Festival “KG+”)
Theme: MANHATTA-N (2021) – Drawing the “Shape” of Multi-Layered City”, at Gallery Hill Gate, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

September 2021 Published a photo book MANHATTA-N (2021) – Drawing the “Shape” of Multi-Layered City”.

October 2021 Participated in group exhibition
“Classical Photography” at Osaka Central Public Hall, Osaka

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Ryota Tanimura

RYOTA TANIMURA works for Kubota Corporation, an Osaka-based, Japan’s leading company of machinery manufacturing as sales head of engines for emerging countries.
On the other hand, RYOTA TANIMURA is a photographer and awarded writer. Having business trip to India more than 30 times in the past
and considering issues related to globalization and immigration, he got inspiration of Indians in Kansai’s initial idea, he teamed up with Kumiko Wakabayashi and Kazuhito Matsumoto, and with the support of Mr. Nikhilesh Giri, Consul General of the Republic of India in Osaka-Kobe, started photo shooting. He exhibited at the 1st Classicalphotograph using Van Dyke brown print in Osaka, he also exhibited works at the 73rd Republic Memorial Day Ceremony and India Festival at Daianji Temple in Nara for the exhibition as guest artist.

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Shizuo Kanamura

Born in Kyoto
2006 –
Retired as Representative Director of INTEC
2017 –
Entered department of Photography at Kyoto University of Art and Design (current: Kyoto University of the Arts)
2018 – 2019
Completed Photography Research Course and Classical Print Course at Shashin Hyogen Daigaku (University of Photographic Expression)
(Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture)
2020 –
Started study of classical photography techniques in the group of Kumiko Wakabayashi
October 2021
Participated in the group exhibition The First “Classical photograph” (at Osaka Central Public Hall, Osaka-city)
And participated in many other group exhibitions

Shizuo is also a marathon runner, and won the second place in the senior section of Boston Marathon and received many titles in other marathons.
He likes to take photographs wherever he visits for running. His mountain and Mongolia series are among his best-known works.

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