Photographed in


Balcony of Mairie Antoinette and Fersen for secret meeting
She may have dreamed of looking up at the sky and escaping from the ennui of life in the palace.

Photographed in Versailles, France


I wonder if Marie Antoinette sought her pastoral idyll here.
She dreamed of a simple life,  and had simple clothing and a farmhouse in a small farm village with cows and sheep.
It’s a fairly long but walkable distance from the Palace of Versailles.

Photographed at the Rodin Museum of French Art, France
Beautiful and proud Camille has drawn herself like this. She implored, was humiliated, and kneeled, being naked. Everything is over and the time has passed.“Please do not let him have my artwork!”
Despite her wish, without being fulfilled, her sculptures are now at the Rodin Museum, displayed forever.

  • Kiss~
  • Larmes~
  • Tenps

Art Bridge

It’s Pont des Arts, the steel bridge over the River Seine. It links the Palais du Louvre and the Institute de France, and this bridge is full of romantic wishes.

  • Monet's House
    Claude Monet's House
    (Photographed in Giverny, France)
    Claude Monet’s house is in Giverny, an ancient and tiny village located on the slopes of a small hill. After his labors devoted to artwork in Paris, he went into semi-retirement and spent the peaceful autumn of his life here, between 1883 and 1926.
  • The world in the show window
    (Photographed in Paris, France)
    The world in the show window
    It is the beauty in another world; a spectacle which encapsulates everyone’s dreams.
  • The world in the show window
    (Photographed in Paris, France)

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