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Masahiro Yabuta


Maco (Masahiro Yabuta) KG+ 2023: Gallery page updated!

Maco (Masahiro Yabuta) – 20 works exhibited at KG+ 2023 are now on ‘Masahiro Yabuta Gallery Page’!


Nuclear power plants as captured through the eyes of a photographer who worked for many years as a news reporter.
What exactly is a nuclear power plant?
Is it a form of our past, our present or our future?
Enjoy total of 20 timelessly expressed works on Van Dyke brown prints.



GENPATSU : a landscape transcend time
KG+ 2023 KYOTOGRAPHIE Official Program
Period: April 11-23, 2023
Venue: Gallery Hillgate
Sanjo Agaru, Teramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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