• 2020/11/3Van Dyke Print – 1 Day Lesson!

    Are you interested in classical style photo print?
    This is 1 day lesson to learn sepia-color photograph “Van Dyke Print”… taking only 3 hours! 
    You will not need to bring your own camera or other heavy equipment.
    At the session, just by picking up 1 negative from variety of samples, enjoy the process of the hand-made printing techniques!

    1 pm – 4 pm, Tuesday, November 3, 2020

    Art Office K
    M-1-4-A ATC Building IM 6F, Nanko Kita, Suminoe, Osaka, 559-0034

    Lesson fee:
    JPY 5,000 (plus sales tax)
    The fee includes frame, printing paper, photo developing chemicals.
    Please bring an apron, hand towel and rubber gloves.

    Kumiko Wakabayashi (Van Dyke/Wet Collodion photographer)

    For inquiry and application:
    Send an email to: